Does he really like you? Let's find out!

Do you know if he likes you? Take this quiz too find out! Or you could find out the other way by asking him but i wouldnt do that but i aint you so... have fun1

Try my other quizzes! Why me? (LOVE STORY)! Im making a part two soon so hold on! Thanks for taking my quiz or not! WHATEVER i guess! BYE BYE! Have fun!

Created by: babybella

  1. Okay. Let's find out if he likes you or not!
  2. Does he try to hold you hand often even in front of his friends?
  3. Does he try to hug you?
  4. Does he tackle you or try too?
  5. Does he poke you or something like that
  6. Does he try or does sit really close to you?
  7. Does he try to get you to touch him or he try to touch you? (not in a dirty way but hand holding and other stuff like that)
  8. Does he try to get you to laugh often or smile?
  9. When something happened or something is wrong does he keep asking you to tell him?
  10. Does he show off in front of you?
  11. FOR IF YOUR DATING ONLY SKIP THIS OR SAY NOT DATING! Did he ask you if you werent dating anyone would you date him!
  12. Are you ready to find out??

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