Does He Really Like You?

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I am sure just about every girl has their little "crush". I know I do! And that's exactly why I made this quiz! He said that he liked me "a little" but I want to know just about how much "a little" is! Don't know?

Maybe he doesn't know you, or he's a man in your imagination/dreams. Or he could be your best friends, who knows! You don't have to like him, for him to like you. Find out if this boy is crushing on you... :)

Created by: LemonLime
  1. You see him sitting with a group of friends. Does he...
  2. If there was a dance coming up, he would...
  3. Has he ever asked you out but the timing just wasn't right?
  4. Has he ever said you were pretty, cute, looked nice, etc.?
  5. Has he ever told you he likes you, or likes you a little bit?
  6. How often do you talk to him?
  7. Has his friends ever asked you if you liked him?
  8. Do you share any interests?
  9. Has he ever hugged you/asked for a hug?
  10. Does he know your name?
  11. Does he know any of your friends?
  12. When you walk past each other, does he smile at you?
  13. Has he ever tried to hold you hands/have held your hands?
  14. Does he have a girlfriend?
  15. Has he ever asked to sit with you/has sit with you before?
  16. Has he ever offered to buy you food?
  17. Your friend asks him if he likes you, what does he say?
  18. Do you think you are pretty?
  19. Are you guys friends, if so, how close?
  20. Why do you like him?
  21. What's the age difference between you two?
  22. Are you of similar social status?
  23. Do you brush your teeth?

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