Does he reall like you??!!

You may be wondering if this guy you like or love feels the same about you. Well a quiz can never tell you the answer for sure but it may give you an idea. Good Luck!

You just like this guy so much its killing you. you need to know if he feels the same way to you! take this quiz to get an idea about wether he does or def. does not.

Created by: kylie_loves_you
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  1. Do you ever see this guy looking at you but when you see him he smiles at you OR looks away?
  2. Does he treat you alot nicer then other girls?
  3. Does he ever touch hold your hand, touch your hair, etc.
  4. Does he always seem to be around you? for example: Does he try to always sit by you or walk next to you?
  5. When you pass him friends do they ever grin, look at your crush, or etc. like that?
  6. Does he ever try to look hot infront of you or smeel really good
  7. does he have your cell phone number??
  8. Does he ever txt or call you?
  9. Does he ever notice when you get a hair cut?
  10. Do you think he likes you?

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