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  • No, it isn't true that if you don't talk/text all the time he doesn't like you. I have a guy friend who I like and I think he likes me back. We have short, two/three sentence exchanges at lunch, and we hardly text. But he gets it cute grin and waves at me when we see each other in the halls.

    So, no, you don't have to be texting/talking 24/7 to like each other.

  • Not sure this is right, just because you don't talk doesn't have to mean he doesn't like you. It might mean they're shy or something? Most of these quizzes make it so you have to text and talk etc a lot for them to like you but that doesn't have to be true does it?

  • I got He.totally likes you. thing...what does him touching you,kissing you, hugging you etc. have to do with him liking you? It's just a crush and we are trying to find out if he likes us!

  • Not that accurate.

    I did this quiz and it said that he doesn't like me. Turns out he does but is SHY.

    Boys can be shy and you don't have to text non-stop

  • Terribly inaccurate. Some guys are just shy.


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