Does he like you ( girls only)

This quiz determines if your cush loves you or not. If you think he's worth a life time, he's worth it. Take this quiz and you'll see that he might lik or love you

This quiz is a quiz that shows you if your crush likes you back or not. You think he loves you? Take this quiz and find out for yourself if he likes you

Created by: Princess Giggles
  1. Is he a single boy/man?
  2. When the both of you are talking, does he look into your eyes and/ or are his feet pointing in your direction?
  3. Havr you heard from his best friend that he likes you
  4. Have you ever hung out with him outside of school
  5. Does he call or text often
  6. Does he ever look nervous around you
  7. Does he try hard to impress you
  8. Why arent the two of you dating
  9. Does he try to make you jelly by talking or flirting with some other girl
  10. Honestly, do you think he likes you?
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