Will You Be A Good Kisser? (Girls only!)

Since forever we girls have been dreaming about our first kiss. But we can't help wondering if we will be good enough or not? To find out if your's wil be succesfull, TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Are you a dream kisser or a dump?? Will you mess it up, or end up dating?? Find out in "Will You Be A Good Kisser ( Girls only! )!! Now! You know you want to....

Created by: Giana
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hey! Let's Begin! Now, do you dream of your first kiss alot?
  2. Ok. Now, depending on your previous answer, how do you feel when you wake up in the morning after you dreamt about your fisrt kiss?
  3. ( This question may be akward, so if you don't want to answer, pick "next please" and it will have no effect on your final result. ) Do you dream or think of him touching you? Anywhere?
  4. Ok, we are almost done! what kind of kiss do you want as your first?
  5. Do you practice on anything? (pillows, toys, ect.)??
  6. Now for the quickies... Do you have a crush / bf / guy friend/
  7. (If You said no at the previous question, pick "I said no") Do you think he would kiss you? And how will he if he did?
  8. Where would you put your hands if he did?
  9. Whould you like him to make the fisrt move? or whould you?
  10. Yes Or No? Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Will I Be A Good Kisser? (Girls only!)