Does he like you? (Based on your social media interactions)

Of course, we all want to know if he likes us! But recently, we have been online a lot more because of coronavirus. In general, maybe you have a lot of social media interaction with your crush.

You could be in a long distance relationship, or you might be just talking to this person for the first time! If you want to know how he feels about you based on your online interactions, take this quiz!

Created by: Bob

  1. Have you ever sent him a message seeing you and him should meet up sometime? If so, how did he respond?
  2. Has he ever sent a meme, TikTok, or link to anything with you?
  3. Has he ever sent you a “Good Morning” or “Goodnight” message?
  4. If he has sent you a link to something, has it ever specifically been something related to a past conversation you guys had?
  5. Does he watch your stories on snapchat or Instagram?
  6. Does he ever initiate conversations online with you?
  7. Does he show off? Like does he post/send a lot of his accomplishments online?
  8. Has he asked for nudes?
  9. Does he message you after midnight ever?
  10. Does he ever send a Snapchat that is subtly sexy? Like with an intimate glance at the screen, or skin showing, or slightly flexing abs or muscles, etc.
  11. Do they seem more confident in person or on social media when texting/snapchatting you?
  12. Do they try to connect more outside of Snapchat and get to know you more as a person?
  13. Does he always look hot in his selfies?
  14. When they send you Snapchats or anything with face filters, do they seem to really put a lot of effort into it? Like put filters on, put lenses on, stickers, etc.
  15. Does he always respond?
  16. Does it seem like he puts his whole life on the internet?
  17. Does he ever send you something goofy?
  18. If you show/tell him something, how does he respond?
  19. Does he ever take a long time to answer, and then say “I just got this text now!”?
  20. Have they ever left you hanging for more than 24 hours?

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Quiz topic: Does he like you? (Based on my social media interactions)