Does he like you? Ages 10-13

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This quiz was made for 10-13 girls but other ppl can take it if they want. I really hope you enjoy! That boy you're looking at might just be your new boyfriend, but how do you know for sure? Take the quiz!

Now, this is my first Does he like you? quiz. So pls don't judge if it's bad. I think I did pretty good, and please leave a comment!!! ENJOY!! ;>

Created by: DD

  1. Do you think he likes you?
  2. Do you ever catch him looking at you?
  3. How much do you guys talk?
  4. Does he treat you a little differently then he does to others?
  5. How close are you guys?
  6. Do you ever sit next to each other during lunch?
  7. Do you have things in common?
  8. Do you want him to be your boyfriend?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Would you recommend it?
  11. Do you like him?
  12. Does He ever try to get close to you?

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