Advice about girls (by a girl)

Well, if you're a guy in need of some advice about girls, here is the place to come! I hope you enjoy this quiz and get lots of good advice for that special girl in YOUR life. Or maybe that one annoying girls who's in love with you that you just want to get rid of.

Anywhere from advice on how to show you like a girl, to how to treat your girlfriend, to how to break up and cause the least amount of hurt possible, to what to do if a girl you don't like is crushing on you, this quiz has it all!

Created by: Adora
  1. Ok so first of all, I bet you're all wondering what qualifies me to make this quiz. Well, I'm a girl. I'm 100% reliable about how girls (at least girls like me, and I'm pretty normal) act if they like a boy. Also, I know what you should do if a girl does like you.
  2. Also, I have a boyfriend so I can give you some tips and tricks he uses that I like.
  3. I am fifteen years old (well technically I turn 15 in three days) so I'm in that teen stage that deals with boys and girls.
  4. Ok, now I'm sure you're ready to get on with the advice, am I right? So, first of all, how to know if a girl likes you? That can be quite a detailed answer and this quiz isn't just about that, so I'll list a few ways girls express romantic feelings for a guy in the answers below (just click any one, score doesn't matter in this "quiz").
  5. Now, what to do if a girl you don't like obviously likes you?
  6. Now, how to humor a girl you might be interested in?
  7. Ok, how to act when you like a girl you know likes you?
  8. OK THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! READ ALL THE WAY!!! I can remember countless times I've liked a guy and just wished he'd tell me if he liked me. I can also remember several times when a found out (through a friend) that a guy I didn't like as a crush liked me. I was happy someone liked me even if it wasn't my crush. So.
  9. Now, what to do when you actually have a girlfriend? Well congrats, you got the girl! Here are some do's.
  10. Here are some don'ts.
  11. If you decide you need a breakup, here are some tips:

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