Does he like you?(accurate)

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Does he like you? I mean like, likey like like like you? Or are you wondering that yourself? Well no need to fear, this quiz is here! so what are you waiting for..

SO DOES HE LIKE YOU? Only the bravest will face the truth and take this quiz to see what's really going on in his mind. Go ahead, it's just a few clicks.

Created by: Yesmin

  1. Has he ever tried to made you laugh?
  2. Has he ever touched you(in all innocence)such as holding your hand, touching your cheek, lean on your back, play with your hair and the such?
  3. What does he do when you first see him?
  4. Does he smile at you often, and laugh at your "jokes"
  5. Does he ever blush when he's around you?
  6. Does he ever do playful violent acts towards you?
  7. Are you two in the same grade?
  8. Does he smell good around you?
  9. Does he do weird things to get your attention?
  10. He is ___ and you are ____

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