Does he like you?

Many kids don't know if their crush really likes them, and sometimes it can be scary. So I am here to give you that peace of mind. That's why I made my quiz.

This is quiz meant for girls ages 12-17. This is supposed to be a helpful quiz for anyone who is scared of starting their romance. Don't worry, I am here for you. Or else I wouldn't make this quiz. I, myself go through the same issues.

Created by: Lilly

  1. Has he ever asked if you were going to a party, dance, game, or other social event?
  2. Does he stick close to you at lunch/class or ever ask you to be his parter for a project?
  3. Does he ever inch closer to you?
  4. Do you guys have a lot in common?
  5. How does he act when you approach him?
  6. Does he ever joke around with you?
  7. Does he laugh at your jokes?
  8. Does he ever make you listen to a love song/romantic song/anything along the lines?
  9. Does he sing/recite poetry around you?
  10. Does he have a girlfriend?
  11. Do you have a boyfriend?
  12. Did you find this quiz helpful? (This will not affect your score)

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