Does your crush like you?

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Are you in pain trying to figure out if your crush likes you? Well you clicked the right link my friend. This is 100% garuanteed to give you the true answer of your mystery. I made this with all my experience and research on this and it has been proven accurate by professionals.

Enjoy and give feedback on how it can be improved if needed. Feel free to leave additional feedback so I can improve this quiz to be even more affective. Please do consider that on some people it may not work but is garrnteed to work 98% of the time. Please enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Lee H
  1. how long have you known your crush
  2. What is his body language like around you
  3. Does he/she know you like him/her
  4. Does he/she talk about you to friends
  5. What's your age
  6. Hair color
  7. Style
  8. How much do you like your crush
  9. Does he/she smile at you
  10. Does his/her friends like you as a friend/crush

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?