Which Rainimator girl character are you?

This quiz is to test who are you as a rainimator Minecraft character, but it is meant for girls, made by Louis, for his mates, and stuff, to be a fun quiz, if you doesn't get what you wished for, don't be sad, its just a quiz, nothing to worry about.

This quiz is for guys and girls who favor in rainimator stuff, and I too, like to watch rainimator and hear his songs, and stuff, I like blacklist district, and if you would want to hear more, search his songs and stuff. I hope all of you would have a nice time playing this quiz.

Created by: Louis Hao

  1. Would you rather use......
  2. What would you do when your loved one get captured by a strong enemy?
  3. What armor would you use
  4. What Fracture do you wanna be in?
  5. What do you do when your facing an enemy
  6. What will you do when you are questioned by an enemy
  7. What is your favorite quote?
  8. What is the one you would die for
  9. What do you want to be with you
  10. What type of element do you wish to control?
  11. Who would you want to fight?
  12. What is your dream
  13. Finally, if you are to choose one character from another movie to represent yourself, who would it be?

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Quiz topic: Which Rainimator girl character am I?