Does he like you

When you roam the hallways, are you looking for someone special? This quiz will tell you about how to look for signs your crush likes you and how to find a connection.

Will you have success with your crush? Does he like you? Will you ever be in a relationship? Find out in just a few minutes how your crush is going and how it will end out.

Created by: ACB

  1. Do you ever smile at him?
  2. Do u ever catch him smiling at u?
  3. How often do u guys talk?
  4. Does he know that you like him or do you know he likes you?
  5. Do u ever make eye contact?
  6. How much do u have in common?
  7. Do you act different when he is near u?
  8. Does HE act different around you?
  9. Be honest; do u think he likes you?
  10. Did u like this quiz?

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