Does He Like This Girl?

Boy meets girl. Girls likes boy. Girl is hesitant because she does not know if boy likes her. Classic high school story, right? Well YOU can help solve the mystery.

Please help me figure this out! Does he have feelings for her? Could this be true love? Or is he secretly cursing her name? Only you can help crack the code!

Created by: Julia
  1. He stares at her constantly. When she catches him looking, he either cracks a smile or looks away quickly only to look back at her again.
  2. Takes him forever to say goodbye. Stands there awkwardly for a couple of seconds then when he finally says goodbye and starts to walk away he looks back and waves at least 4-5 times.
  3. When she leaves, he acts sad and says things like, "Awh...Where are you going?"
  4. Offers to help with things and goes for local drives with her.
  5. He stares and smiles as she passes by along with a nod and a "Hello"
  6. Will go a couple of days without tlaking to her or seeing her and then will spend a whole day with her tlaking, making jokes, and laughing.
  7. Stares, makes faces, and smiles in the rearview mirror when he's in the backseat of a full car that she is driving.
  8. Attempts to understand her--laughs at her jokes, listens to her stories, understands & makes comments about her hopes for the future, etc.
  9. Forgets his text book for a class and scoots his desk closer to hers to follow along rather than moving closer to his best friend on the other side.
  10. He's met several members of her family and brings up how much he likes them in conversation pretty frequently.
  11. Will you PLEASE comment on this quiz just telling me what your results were? And any comments and advice? Thanks so much.

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