Does he like me(Text Edition)?

It is so hard to tell if a guy likes you on text, but I know a few things they do when they have you on their heads. It's time for you to know, and experience the truth you are going to face in the next 4 minutes :)

Does he like you? I will help you find out super quickly! This is based on reality and experience, so your answer is going to be 100% True! C'mon Check it out!

Created by: RockARock
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  1. Does he try to be cooler?
  2. Does he tell you Good Morning & Good night?
  3. Does he use emoticons/emojis like >>😊😎😋😏?
  4. Does he ever compliment you on very small things?
  5. Does he talk to you about other girls?
  6. Who texts first?
  7. Does he ask you what's going on, tryies to cheer you up?
  8. Has he ever Tried to make you jealous?
  9. Does he try to be funny?
  10. Did he ever Hugged you in the roleplay kind of thing? Ex. *Hugs*

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