Does he like me?

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There are so many "Does he like me?" quizzes out there. I took the best ones and combined them for your pleasure. It might be a little long but it is worth is.

Are you ready to find out if this so called "guy of your dreams" is actually the right guy for you? Well take this quiz and you will find out. Keep in mind though, it is just a quiz.

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  1. How often do you guys actually talk?
  2. How long have you known him?
  3. Does he know you exist?
  4. When you guys talk, who starts the conversation?
  5. What do you guys talk about?
  6. Do his friends like you?
  7. Does he have a girlfriend.
  8. Which of these best describes him?
  9. What is the biggest thing that has happened to you guys?
  10. Do you honestly think he likes you?
  11. Does he call you by a nickname?
  12. Does he always seem to be touching you?

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