Does He Have a Girlfriend

There are people who spent tones of time wondering if the guy tthey like realy has a girlfriend or not.Maybe know you can start worring about something else.

Does he have a girlfriend? Does he still like you,Do you still like him? Take this quiz to find out exacty yes or no. It only takes 10 easy questions.

Created by: Kenzie
  1. Does He still Call or text you
  2. Does he Ignore any kind of contact on the weekends
  3. How offten do you see him
  4. How much do you know about him
  5. Whens the last time he Realy Flirted with you
  6. HAve you heard any rumors of if he has or had a girlfriend in the last 3weeks
  7. Do People think he likes you
  8. Does he know you like him and if so how does he "feel about that"
  9. Do you realy like him or could care less
  10. How offten does he talk about you

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