who is your fictional girlfriend?

hey guys i know this seems like your piecing some fictional person this is also your kinda girl to make plans with. hope you have fun and ignore the last 3 questions

are your the kinda guy for Katniss Everdeen? or a man for Hazel Grace? find out and see who your sweet heart is in this quiz.

Created by: Brienne Shaile
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you consider likable in a girl
  2. what is the best down time with a girl
  3. someone just dropped their wallet when they fell. what is the first thing you would do
  4. another man is flirting with your lady. what do you do
  5. your lady is standing up for herself. what do you do about it.
  6. how affectionate do you want your girl to be
  7. do you want a girl who can kick but
  8. blank
  9. i have no more questions
  10. last one i promise

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Quiz topic: Who is my fictional girlfriend?