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  • Your quiz results 73%
    You understand me! :)73% 73%

    You almost understand me, or maybe you wish you could be a loner, too. Try focusing on what you want in life, and go for that, regardless of what others say.

    2/5, I just want every human dead outright, including me.

    Its the only way for this planet to ever heal. Im being a helpful person by wanting this kind of event to happen.

  • I want to say this quiz has kind of offended me but it's just a quiz so it's whatever, though I feel like the way you described the questions and results were out of pocket. I am a loner, and I love to be alone, mainly because nobody around me understands me or ever has understood me. The only happiness I've found is being by myself because everything else is too much stress for me to process or handle. The way you made these questions are very sarcastic as well, I am a person who doesn't like to judge. I understand how you feel, I really do, but the cringe lines like "is my hair messed up oh my goshhhh !!" is not even how most people act, it's actually really rare. I don't know what kind of people your around, but it upsets me people think so misunderstanding of each other. I am not a person who believes in popularity or reputations, to me it's quite made up, but it seems to me that not only are we being misunderstood, but they are being misunderstood as well. We always want people to just understand how we feel, but we don't understand how they feel either, and we think we do when we don't. Nobody can know how anyone feels nor should you assume only the person knows what is going on inside of them or sometimes not even they understand themselves, just like me I don't understand myself at all. My point of this comment is not to be offensive or anything, but I'm saying life is unfair, and I hate it. I wish everyone would not feel so misunderstood or think so different of each other. I'm not trying to be mean but the reason this quiz offended me is because it was honest phrased rudely, and overdramatic. It was okay at first but then the judgemental vibe is not okay in my opinion. For example the frowny faces are used , which is fine, but the way they were used seems very manipulative to me, also these answers just weren't written right all together which is fine because it's not supposed to be professional, but at least going over it, and making sure it's not offensi

    No no no and no
  • I'm a loner too, haha. Its so annoying when people I don't even know sit down next to me and assume I want to have company, especially when I'm READING! It happens to me all the time at my school during lunch. They just don't get some people aren't like them and actually prefer being by themselves. Anyways great quiz.

  • I get you :P. I'm always in my room, writing or listening to music or reading. And my whole family bugs me about getting out more. It just seems like they don't understand that I like being alone.

  • Loveed it! I get you. Everyone I know calls me antisocial. They're like, "OMG get away from me you are such a problem to look at!" And i'm like, "If you wanna look at a REAL problem, go look in the mirror." It gets them so mad! :P Anyway i got 100%

  • I got 100%. People say that I'm antisocial, but I enjoy being alone. I understand how you feel.

  • Yeah sorry I don't really think I can understand you...I got 18 percent on the quiz

  • I Understand how you feel, I always feel that way.

  • I got 100%, I do understand you.

  • You know. It would be a better quiz if it didn't have all the cussing in it. 3 ***

  • i got 100 percent

  • I love this quiz! I am just like you!

  • you go girl! that's the best quiz i've taken on here in a while!

    Curious George

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