Do Your Parents Hate You?

Do your parents hate you? This quiz will tell you everything. Some of the questions have no effect. My personal relationship is love-hate. Be sure to listen to the descriptions of the answers.

Don't take this quiz unless you really need to know if your parents hate you. I made this out of expierience. I'm sorry if there are spelling mistakes throught out the quiz, I am not the best speller.

Created by: Nathan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do your parents ever hit you?
  2. Do your parents say "I love you" a lot?
  3. Do they get you what you want?
  4. Do they make you go to bed early
  5. Do your parents ignore you
  6. DO you get called names
  7. Do you have siblings?
  8. Do you get bullied by your siblings?
  9. Do you bully your sibling(s)?
  10. Do you think your parents hate you?

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Quiz topic: Do my Parents Hate You?