Do You Want an Animal Jam Beta?

Hello jammers. Welcome to Jamaa, the world of Animal Jam. Do you want a beta or two? Are you dreaming for that item your buddy has? Are you starving for that person's item?

Well, now you can have it! For the holidays, you can now have that dazzling beta! It may not be a rare, but rares are not everything. I am so excited to pick one member and one non-member to give some betas away! Let's see if you have the wits to win!

Created by: koalaberry511
  1. What is your status on Animal Jam?
  2. What are you rockin the charts on?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. What beta are you asking for?
  5. Where do you want the beta to be on your body?
  6. RANDOM QUESTION: Who is your favorite jammer? (Does not count)
  7. How do I give you the rare if you win?
  8. Where would we meet? (I prefer private areas.)
  9. Can you tell me your username, by jam a gramming me your username?
  10. And finally, do you LIKE animal jam?

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Quiz topic: Do I Want an Animal Jam Beta?