Do you know much about 'Animal Jam?'

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You might think you already know Animal Jam... Or maybe you just admit you don't? (Nvm) Anyways, Jamaa is a huge world to explore. A universe with many lands and jammers, exotic attractions and more. Yup, a world that never sleeps.

So are you ready to take this quiz? All jammers may participate, if this quiz isn't what you expected then sorry! I am Lpswerewolf30603 on Animal Jam, check me out! Peace out dear jammer, I'll leave you alone now.

Created by: MolesterMoonXD
  1. Which is rarer, Headress or Rare Fox Hat?
  2. Why were Skullies removed from the game?
  3. Is a Wood Floor BETA?
  4. How much players are there in animal jam?
  5. During Beta Testing, was there membership?
  6. Are you tired of this quiz?
  7. Recently there was a hacker around Jamaa, who was it?
  8. When did you join Animal Jam? (Random question so I can stalk you :3)
  9. Someone says that if you send them a Rare Spike then they will send you a Founders Hat, you ____
  10. Animal Jam is owned by which company?
  11. What is an item that's "Beta"?
  12. Congratulations you have earned a FREE Rare Spike Collar that is BLACK!!! Just enter your Username and Password below. :)
  13. This quiz has ended, what are you going to do next? (Stalker alert)

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Quiz topic: Do I know much about 'Animal Jam?'