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  • Do You Want A Boyfriend?
    Your Result: You Want Romance 83%

    You have always longed for someone to come and sweep you off your feet, and whether you have some experience in the battlefield of love, it's hard for you to find someone that meets your high standards. Maybe you have already met the man of your dreams, maybe you're still awaiting his arrival, but either way-you'll still be waiting. You want romance in your life and you know it. If you don't already have your prince charming, then I recommend not being as picky with people and not tearing them apart for every flaw as no one is perfect. But, don't confuse this as you do need some standards so that you will know if he's the one for you. Standards are healthy and you know this. Just make sure to be open and friendly with everyone you meet, whether you're attracted to them or not-they might have a hot cousin but how would you ever know? Keep your heart, mind, and soul open to love and never give up because your prince charming will come! Themesong:A Thousand Years by Christina Perry

    75% You Just Want Love
    44% You Want Excitement
    17% You Either Want It Quick Or Slow

    female foxo
  • I got exitement, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!! I donĀ“t want a boyfriend. Boys are nasty. Besides I want to be an untouched virgin forever. Bad quiz, I mean, you cant even have the result "You dont want a boyfriend". The quiz should be called "What kind of relationship do you want".

  • Yeah so I got you just want love which sadly is kinda true I have a rlly big crush on this guy and I cant stop thinking about him my brain keeps saying does he like me or am I the only one who has a crush on him and he thinks Im weird and doesnt want to hang out with me the second most thought of is is he avoiding me? Do u stand a chance of getting a boyfriend like him yeah and I only see him on Wednesdays because we both go to this church thing I need help pls someone anyone I rlly like him (this result was a bit too accurate)

    Lauren Towers
  • Perfect result- sounds totally like me ;)

  • i was dared to take this quiz...
    i got excitment

    im asexual i dont want a relation ship i just crush on people

    (mainly because after i broke up with my gf she suicided...) yes i was bi....anyways after that i swore off dating pretty much

  • Excitement thx for the advice! And I love the theme song

    Miss carrot
  • it is so accurate exactly like me ''You just need love''

  • love~ wow everything you said was so true thx your really good :)

  • excitement.. i dunno... nice quiz

  • Who wants to date me

    • wha????? online dating maybe.......

  • So true!!

  • i got excitement. AND I DONT WANT A BOYFRIEND EW!! im a strong gurl and i stand for me uwu btw great quiz


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