do you wanna tickle me?

here are things you should know... im a male, im a teen (so 13-18?) only hint your getting on my exact age is "1, 3 , 5, 7, 9, 11, ??" that's probably a easy hint but whatever 7-7

continuing, i have a tickle fetish (for being tickled) i get so embarrassed that i have it though, i like f/m tickling (any age, an especially if im in the situation, which never happens T-T) im most ticklish (that i know of) on my stomach (mainly sides) my least ticklish spot (that i know of) is my feet (idk, im not sure) the most teasing spot for me is the back of my knees, neck, light tickling all over my stomach (just barely touching my stomach and moving slowly) and ive said to much so thats all you gotta know

Created by: Sanswithpuns

  1. What is your gender?
  2. where would you tickle me?
  3. how would you tickle me?
  4. Example: you see me asleep on a chair at the pool, im shirtless and in my swim trunks, you see that my stomach is exposed and so are my feet, what do you do? (its at a time where no one else is at the pool)
  5. would you tickle me irl? (no effect on result)
  6. Example 2: im on the monkey bars at the park, and my belly is showing, and my flip-flops fell off, and to make things worse for me, i was stuck and didn't want to fall down, what would you do? (its at a time where no one is there except us)
  7. how ticklish do u think i am all together? (no effect on result)
  8. (no effect of result for this question and the other 3 questions) fav color?
  9. ...hi *shy smile* (yes im a boy and im shy, got a problem?)
  10. do u still wanna tickle meh?

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Quiz topic: Do I wanna tickle me?