Do You Use the Right or Left Side of Your Brain?

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Do you use the right side of your brain? Are you creative and artsy? Imaginative, and daydreaming more that paying attention? Do you randomly create things out of thin air?

Or do you use the left side of your brain? Are you super logical and use that to define the world? Do you only see the practical, sensible side of everyday objects?

Created by: dragonsfire

  1. Which subjects were you best at?
  2. Are you writing a book?
  3. Do you daydream?
  5. His bloody red eyes surged into her mind, stunning her.
  6. For to do this, you must have strength in every skill, mind and body.
  7. No more stories. MATH/SCIENCE TIME!!
  8. What's the 2^3+3^2-27?
  9. Does a circuit have power when it's open or closed?
  10. Do your friends like watching movies with you?
  11. Fantasy or Sci-Fi?
  12. comment/rate? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I Use the Right or Left Side of my Brain?