Do You Use Proper Grammar?

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There are many idiots in the world who can't even use good grammar! For pete sakes would it KILL YOU to actually spell words out? It's not abbreviation, it's stupidity.

Are you one of those idiots who tlk lik dis? Or are you a... GRAMMAR NAZI? :O You must take this quiz to find out now, before you get affected by those 'mnstrs'

Created by: lilfreakgryl
  1. Which sentence is correct?
  2. What's the correct use of "your" in the following sentences?
  3. Which sentence is correct?
  4. What is the correct use of "their" in the following sentence?
  5. Which sentence is correct?
  6. Which sentence is correct?
  7. Should the number four be spelled as '4'? "There are four people at the stadium."
  8. Should there be a period after Miss in.. "Miss Smith" ?
  9. Ms. Candy, is the period correct there?
  10. "I'm done with the do you use proper grammar quiz did you like it?" what's the correct way to say that?

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Quiz topic: Do I Use Proper Grammar?