Do You Truly Like Him?

A lot of girls don't know if they like a boy. Some might not want to ask their friends because their friends might say "go for it!" I know for a fact that would be my friends. So I made this quiz for other girls who might be in the same position as me.

So, this is the true question. Do you truly like him? Or is it just a faze. Hopefully this quiz will help you figure out your feelings so you know if you truly like him.

Created by: caramelchick
  1. How often do you think of him?
  2. How does it feel when you're talking to him?
  3. Do you get nervous, sad, or upset when he doesn't show up to school?
  4. How does it feel when he hugs you?
  5. Do you daydream/dream about him?
  6. How often do you talk to one another?
  7. Do you smile when you think of him?
  8. How long have you known each other?
  9. How often do you call him dude or man?
  10. How much do you have in common with him?

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Quiz topic: Do I Truly Like Him?