Do you truely like tacos?

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There are many food fans. Some like certain foods. But are you a taco fan? Taco fans see tacos for their true beauty in life and food. Tacos are the start of life.

Are YOU a true taco fan? Or do you only like them at certain points? Until now you only thought you liked them. Now you can see if you're a true fan of tacos.

Created by: Candy o3o
  1. How many times do you have tacos on a week to week basis?
  2. Where do you usually get your tacos?
  3. How many tacos have you had this month? (Or last month. Just estimate.)
  4. Have you ever asked for a taco for dinner and/or lunch?
  5. Do you even like tacos?
  6. Do you ever suggest tacos to someone else?
  7. What do you usually have on your taco?
  8. How many do you get at one time?
  9. Do you ever crave tacos?
  10. Last but not least: :3 How awesome are tacos?

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Quiz topic: Do I truely like tacos?