Do YOU like TaCoS???

There are some people who really love tacos. And there are some people who really hate tacos. Now, in my home everybody loves tacos. It is a fight for who gets the best taco shell.. ect.

Are YOU the type of person who LOVES tacos, or do you hate them? Want to find out? Well, just try out this great quiz! And don't forget to comment with your results afterwards.

Created by: cartmell1000
  1. DO you like TaCoS?
  2. How about Kittens?
  3. Want some tacos??
  4. Random Answers! Yay!!
  5. I need 6 more questions..
  6. Ummm.. What Arre you doing?
  7. TACOS!!!!!!!!
  8. Are you having fun?
  9. Will you comment? This is my first quiz. :)
  10. Last question. Are you gonna comment??

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Quiz topic: Do I like TaCoS???