Guess the Parry Gripp song!

so for all you parry gripp lovers take the quiz and see if you're an expert on all these songos hahahaha i love taaacos :):):)yay for taaacos and anything

tacos burritos narwhals cats flushing toilets and anything in between yay i happy tacocorns are awesome and all the burridogs (burrito dogs) yay tacos

Created by: Gryffindor_rules_ok
  1. "Yum yum yum yum yummidy yum, it's like a dreeeee-eeeam, yum yum yum yum yumiddy yum, and sour creeee-eeeam!"
  2. "I'm in love, i'm in love, oh i'm still in love with yooou"
  3. "All the chips and the cheese and the re-fried beans all the onion and tomato and the guacamole all the beef and jalapeno and the sour cream"
  4. "The captain he knocked over his lunch and it fell into the sea, the narwhal got the bagel and it made him so happy."
  5. "Meow meow, Meow meow, Meow Banana Cat"
  6. "Oh hai oh hai oh hai oh hai"
  7. "Backwards forwards it's the same"
  8. "Lettuce and shells cheese and meat"
  9. "G-g get fresh G-g- get fresh"
  10. last one: "It's got a lotta cheese and a whole lotta sauce"

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