How much do you know about narwhals?

Hety all you narwhal lovers.Come take my quiz!As you dive into the ocean depths, you will learn a lot about narwhals!I hope you do your best and have fun!

Do you have what it takes to ace the ultimate narwhal test?If so, you're up to a challenge!Even if you dont know a lot about narwhals, come on and give it a try!

Created by: Narwhal

  1. What is a narwhal?
  2. What is the tusk of the narwhal primarily used for?
  3. The narwhal tusk is actually...
  4. 1 in every_____ narwhal males have two tusks
  5. Where do narwhals live?
  6. What is the scientific name for narwhal?
  7. Narwhals belong to the same family as the______.
  8. According to the conservation status, narwhals are...
  9. The population of the narwhal ia around?
  10. Are narwhals migratory?
  11. How big can a narwhal pod be?______narwhals
  12. Narwhals main predators consist of 3 species. These 3 species are?
  13. Another name for narwhal is?
  14. Narwhals are often referred to as______
  15. Narwhals can reach a depth of _______ m when hunting for prey.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about narwhals?