Do You Think You Would Love Me?

Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Find Out If You Love Someone? If You Really Find Out,Then Your About To Find Out If You Like A Particular Person,Which Leads To Liking Many Other People.Do You Have What It Takes?!?

I Know You Have What It Takes! Wanna Find Out If You Really Like Me? Questions Are Based On What I Think.Make Sure You Try Hard And Dont Hold Back.Also Be Careful,They Can Be Very Tricky.So Good Luck And Have Fun! =)

Created by: LittleLadyKim

  1. What Kind Of Girl Do You Like?
  2. What Color Hair Would The Girl Have?
  3. Would Your Girl Let You Touch Her?
  4. Would You Let Her Touch You?
  5. Would You Let Her Kiss You As Much As She Could?
  6. Would You Like Her If She Had Everything You Wanted Or Needed
  7. Would You Like Her If She Let You Do Anything To Her?(except Abuse)
  8. Would You Want Her To Be Older,Younger Or Same Age?
  9. Do You Like This Test?
  10. Do You Think You Will Like Me!? (Big Effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I Think You Would Love Me?