Do You Think I Am Hot??

I really created this quiz just for the fun of it. There is really no reason. DOn't take it if you want to. It is only for the fun of it. ANd I had no clue what to title it that's why it is named what it is. There is nothing else i have to say i am justing typing because you have to type a certain amount of words and it can't be any "net lingo" so yea.. Today was very boring if you no what i mean.. Well parting words good luck

This quiz will show how well you know me. If you don't well then is that not just too bad for you. I hate you or shall i say despise you for not knowing me so well. consider yourself my ex- best frien dif you failed. And remove yourself from my friends list. What else there is some hints i might give you but they might not work but you can look at my pictures and stuff and you willf idn hints in that before you take the quiz.

Created by: Lizanya

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my favorite body part on a guy?
  2. What body part do I like on me?
  3. How old do I look?
  4. What type of shoe do I love the most?
  5. Where do most of my friends live?
  6. What's my favorite word(s) to say?
  7. Do I care about fashion alot?
  8. What's my favorite color?
  9. Who is my boo?
  10. Where do I want to live?

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Quiz topic: Do I Think I Am Hot??