do you suffer from depresion

There are many people that take this quiz and probably get the same answer or result as you so do not feel ashamed if you get the score 100% it happens to many of us

Depression is a very serious matter that is destroying this generation so if you know someone that does suffer, be there for them. It sucks when no one is there

Created by: antonia

  1. what do you usually think about
  2. do you deal with
  3. have you ever
  4. think of a morning, do you think about
  5. how many friends do you have
  6. do your parents
  7. what do you usually do during lunch break
  8. whats your favourite colour
  9. how many times have you tried to kill yourself
  10. why are you doing this quiz
  11. does anyone you know suffer from deppresion

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Quiz topic: Do I suffer from depresion