Do you stand with Ukraine?

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DISCLAIMER: This quiz does not give the whole story and is, at the bare minimum, partially based on mere opinions. Such opinions do not necessarily agree with those of the quiz's creator.


Created by: UkraineSuportr33
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  3. Of the five times Russia was a major power in history, how many of those times did it destroy itself?
  4. Why did Russia collapse so many times in its history?
  5. What or who is Putin anyway?
  6. How to rebuke Putin's regime without making someone's head explode?
  7. According to the Paris Agreement, what is Russia's ecological stamp?
  8. Which nation had written people-representing founding documents (i.e., was founded upon freedom at it's most basic, core level)?
  9. Since 2006's Democracy Index, when was Russia classified as "democratic"?
  10. Who was responsible for the September 1999 Apartment bombings (AKA "Russia's 9/11")?
  11. Has Freedom House ever classified Russia as "free"?
  12. Who single-handedly dismantled the Soviet Union?
  13. Who deserves the most credit for the Decisive Allied victory in World War II?
  14. Who deserves the most credit for the Central Powers Defeat in World War I?
  15. Why are there so many nations interfering in little Syria?
  16. Do you really trust this quiz, or any others, to give you the full story on anything, including the current crisis?

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Quiz topic: Do I stand with Ukraine?