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This is a quiz about your politics, cz there aint enugh of those around. It'll tell you about what I think, based on the answers you give to my questiones, your political opinions are.

I have tried to make this as neutral as possible, but I do have quite strong political opinions myself, so they may shine threw. I'm sorry for spelling mistakes, english is not my native lenguage.

Created by: namesareconstructs
  1. Should there be a state?
  2. Should we keep our traditions?
  3. What is freedom (the most)?
  4. Do you support capitalism?
  5. What are your stances on immigration?
  6. How should a workplace be run?
  7. What kind of equality is important?
  8. What should be the role of religion?
  9. Marriage?
  10. What do you think about political spectrums?

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Quiz topic: Another quiz about my politics