Do you REALLY know the Warrior cats?

The Warriors series is a wonderful series and many enjoy reading it, but few truly know the Warrior cats and way of life in depth as much as some of us do......

So, do you REALLY know the Warrior cats? Do you REALLY believe you can outsmart this quiz and become a Warrior cat genius? If so, try this quiz-WARNING: You must have read most if not all the books including super editions and field guides!

Created by: Ashlee
  1. Who is Firestar's dad?
  2. Which herbs are used for bellyache?
  3. Who killed Brokenstar/tail?
  4. Which cats died in the fire (in Rising Storm) besides Yellowfang?
  5. Which book does Leafpool fall in love with Crowfeather?
  6. What color are Leafpool's eyes?
  7. What color is Thornclaw?
  8. Here's a tough one-you have to know the family lineage very well!! Who is Sandstorm's mother?
  9. What cat is asked to keep an eye on Darkstripe in A Dangerous Path?
  10. Which cat kills Whitestorm?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know the Warrior cats?