Do you really know "Me"

People who see me at 1st may have some impressions and judgements. Based on the way I dress, act, and look. It is sometimes hard for some one to look under and see the real person behind.

So have you been able to see who I really am. Do you really know "Me" take the quiz and find out. Remember this quiz is for fun and to test your knowlege about me. Good Luck and have FUN!!

Created by: Lilly of Lilly
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  1. When is my birthday?
  2. What is my Nationality?
  3. What is my dream job?
  4. Which program am I in?
  5. Do I like being in 6-1
  6. What is my eye color?
  7. What is my middle name?
  8. What is my Fathers name
  9. How old is my Mom?
  10. Which one of my features make people make fun of me? - not that I care.

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Quiz topic: Do I really know "Me"