Do you really know me?

i made a quiz lol!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel that cats are a part of us because they were born on earth like us u know thats pretty cool and awesome its just so good.

i like being random i am just naturally random its pretty cool and radical watever that means. so... um.. yea thats preetymu it pleases please please check out my quiz called: your embarasing moment.

Created by: Lolallday

  1. Whats my favorite color?
  2. Am I a male or female?
  3. What color is my hair
  4. What color are my eyes?
  5. Whitch color eyes would I perfer?
  6. How do I say hello?
  7. Whas my favorite animal?
  8. My favorite shoe brand?
  9. How old am I?
  10. Whats my favorite kind of dog?(not that its my favorite animal and its not)
  11. What do I like to wear more?
  12. How many brothers do I have?
  13. Whats the name I wish my real name was?
  14. what phone do i want?
  15. you say ice cream i say...
  16. what color hair do i perfer?
  17. what do i like the most?
  18. what electronic do i not leave the house with?
  19. whats my favorite cartoon?
  20. whats my favorite show?
  21. what clothes brand do i perfer?
  22. im done bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I really know me?