Do you REALLY know me???

There are many smart people in this wonderful world. but that is just on the school junk (lol)!!!!!! but are you smart about me???? well, are you?!?!?

Do you REALLY know all about me/my life?????? huh??? do yah!?!?!?!?!?! are you up to the test to find out what and what not you know about me.. take this quiz and find out!!!!

Created by: ashley52365

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  1. What's my FAVORITE animal of all time?!?!?
  2. What's my favorite colors? (in order from greatest to least)
  3. What are usually my grades?
  4. Do I have a photographic memory?
  5. Do I have a photographic memory?
  6. Do I have a photographic memory?
  7. What's my favorite sport?
  8. What color are my hair and eyes?
  9. What kind of puppy do I have?
  10. what's my puppy's name?
  11. what element am i?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know me???