What type of smart are you?

There are a lot of smart people, are you one of them. Take my impossible quiz to find out. You're probably smart in your own way, of course, but are you school smart?

I cannot briefly describe my stupid quiz. Make it like 50 characters then okay, I will. Now shut up no one reads this. If you're dumb take my quiz and whatever bye.

Created by: Alistair

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  1. Do you get A's often?
  2. Are you artistic
  3. Is eating enough a good thing?
  4. The square root of pie
  5. How are babies made?
  6. Are you argumentative?
  7. Glucose is the chemical name for
  8. Who wrote snow white and the seven dwarfs?
  9. Are you good with computers?
  10. What grade are you in? (This was made for 5th to 7th grade but I don't care)

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Quiz topic: What type of smart am I?