Do You Really Know Justin Bieber?

There are some obbsed fans over Justin. I'm not saing that's bad but people need to give him a break yah he's awesome and super cute!!! I believe he will go far with his carrer.

Do you know all about Justin. Justin is the new cutie singer of 2010 (he started in like 2009) he will take is carrer far he is really talented and cute?

Created by: bieber fever
  1. Where is he from?
  2. What his favorite candy?
  3. What's his favorite food?
  4. His fav color is.
  5. What's his fav song on my world?
  6. How was he discovered?
  7. Who did he sign a record deal with?
  8. What's his moms name?
  9. What's his old girl friends name?
  10. What's justins fav color on a girl?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Justin Bieber?