Do you really know Dixie Carter?

This is about the actress. Because I know there's another one. Idk bout her though. Anyway, take the quiz. Even if you just started liking her I think you'll score pretty well.

Yeah, I know you wanna take the quiz. And I gotta fill some more characters so yeah just gonna keep on typing and typing annnnddd there we go! That should do it.

Created by: who knows????

  1. Where was she born?
  2. What year?
  3. How many times was she married?
  4. Who was her character on Filthy Rich?
  5. Who was her character on Designing Women?
  6. What year did she die?
  7. Did she have any kids?
  8. Have you read her book?
  9. What was her middle name?
  10. What was the last movie she was in?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Dixie Carter?