Do you really know BTS?

Hi, to all the ARMY's out there who are looking for a BTS quiz. I found this website and liked it but there were no BTS quizzes so I made one. I tried to make it as easy as possible.

I J-Hope you like it, and I will make another one, it will be about their most iconic quotes. J-Hopefully you will like that quiz too. -Love, Jimin's lost jams

Created by: Jimin's lost jams

  1. Debut date?
  2. Who does not belong here?
  3. BTS work for...
  4. Who is the Maknae?
  5. Who is the oldest Hyung?
  6. What was RM's old stage name?
  7. One member got hit by a car, and hurt his shoulder, but remained silent about that, because he was afraid that he would get kicked out. His shoulder got so damaged that even today some dance moves are impossible for him to do. Who is that?
  8. One member decided to be an idol just to make his father proud. His name is...
  9. He has been playing saxophone for 3 years.
  10. He is the groups main vocal.

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Quiz topic: Do I really know BTS?