Do You Really Know About The Fault In Our Stars?

Thanks For Taking My Quiz! My Quiz Is About Parts That Take Place In Both The Book And Movie. If You Don't do so well the first time you can always try again! Thanks So Much For Taking My Quiz!

I Made This Quiz To Have Fun And Know More about The In Our Stars! i Hope You enjoyed my quiz. i Hope my quiz helped you with any questions or concerns you had about the fault in our stars!

Created by: Sam
  1. When did Agustus Tell Hazel about his PET scan and that his cancer is back?
  2. What item did Issac break at agustus house because of his breakup?
  3. Whats The Name Of The 25 year old Friend of Hazel?
  4. How Well Do You Know THE REAl agustus waters outside the movie the fault in our stars: How Old is Agustus in real life?
  5. How well do you know Hazel Grace: How old Is hazel Outside the movie and whats her real name?
  6. What Happens To agustus at the gas station?
  7. What does Hazel do when she see's agustus at the gas station?
  8. Why did Hazel's Parents send her to support group?
  9. At Support group they sat in a roomed and they called it, "The Literal Heart Of"....
  10. After Meeting Peter Van Houtten, Where did Lidewij Bring Hazel And Agustus?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know About The Fault In Our Stars?