Are you a The Fault in Our Stars Nerdfighter?

There are many cool The Fault in Our Starts fans, but few true nerdfighters. Nerdfighters are, afterall, quite exceptional. Nerdfighters are quite hard to come by... but when they are found, they are noticeable.

Are YOU a nerdfighter? Do YOU have the extreme, intense level of pure AWESOMENESS to qualify you for a title quite so, well, awesome? Until now you could only wonder. But now, get ready, because in a few minutes you May or May Not be deemed with the nerdfighter title!

Created by: Jordan
  1. Let's start off easy- where do Augustus Waters and Hazel Lancaster meet?
  2. How many times did Augustus fail his driving test?
  3. What drink does Hazel and Gus drink at the restaurant in Amsterdam?
  4. What is the name of the little boy who came up to Hazel?
  5. Finish this quote. Maybe okay will be our _____________.
  6. What is the great thing about the BiPAP?
  7. "Just CAN'T decide what to wear. Do you like me better in a polo or button-down?" Augustus texted. Hazel replied-
  8. What movie did Hazel and Gus watch after Hazel, Gus, and Hazel's Mom took sleeping pills?
  9. Why does Augustus Waters want Hazel to "Find her way to the Literal Heart of Jesus around 7:45 p.m."?
  10. How many days after Augustus' prefuneral did he die?
  11. What are the last 2 words in TFIOS book?
  12. In Infinite Mayhem, the ninth sequel to The Price of Dawn, what page what Gus at before he passed?
  13. *This will not affect your score* Will you be watching the movie?
  14. What are the names of the two sisters Augustus had?

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Quiz topic: Am I a The Fault in Our Stars Nerdfighter?