How much are you a Nerdfighter?

Every heard of Nerdfighters? Vlogbrothers? Hank and John Green? No? Then don't take this quiz, because it won't mean a thing to you. Instead, check out the Vlogbrothers on Youtube. If you have, CONTINUE ONWARD.

Think you're a hard core Nerdfighter? Think you know all of the inside jokes? These questions are bugging me because they're not grammatically correct! Anyway... just take the quiz.

Created by: petvet3
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  1. Who are the Vlogbrothers? (simple question)
  2. Fill in the blank: John wants a puppy sized_____.
  3. Name on of Hank's Songs.
  4. Who was the only person to fill in for a Vlogbrother?
  5. Which one did John NOT write (or co write)?
  6. Tricky one: True or False? Hank did LSD in Middle School?
  7. What year was Nerdfighteria founded?
  8. WHat is John SUPER scared of, but defeated for 5,000$ for charity?
  9. What was the first blenderized food item?
  10. Fill in the Blank. _______ Song

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Quiz topic: How much am I a Nerdfighter?