Do You Really Kin Dazai Osamu?

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This is a quiz I put together because I got inspired to research Dazai Osamu's character to get a better understanding of him. Turns out that he's not exactly who I thought, though.

I hope that this helps people who think they kin Dazai understand whether they really get who he is and if they actually have similarities, though it could be inaccurate, I don't know for sure.

Created by: AnimeGeek
  1. Why are you sui//dal (ci)?
  2. Do you have trauma?
  3. How strongly do you feel emotions?
  4. Do you want to kin Dazai?
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how worthless are you? (1 being completely worthless)
  6. Would you cause someone mental/physical pain to get what you want?
  7. How many people would you say you actually trust?
  8. What do you care about most?
  9. Could you actually kill someone?
  10. Do you have a goal in life?
  11. Do you care?
  12. Is there a meaning to life? Is there a reason that you're living?
  13. Do you want to find the meaning of life?
  14. How often do you look for the meaning of life?
  15. How self-absorbed are you?
  16. Do you hide who you are?
  17. Are you liar?
  18. Okay, finally; do you use others? If so, how often?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Kin Dazai Osamu?