Which one of MY Naruto characters are you like?

This quiz is about MY Naruto characters. Are you like them? Are you tough? Are you tough? Are you tricky? I apologize for some spelling mistakes, auto correct (meh...)i'm also sorry if there is not enough info on the results but that's why I put a small bio about the characters

Are you tough like Masami? Or sly and tricky like Osamu? Find out here, in "Which one of MY Naruto characters are you like?" i hope you get a very high score!

Created by: Abby Arevalo
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You leave your village, which village do you go to?
  2. What is your favorite animal?
  3. Who is your favorite Naruto character?
  4. Your sensei gives you a day off! You....
  5. Which jutsu sounds cool?
  6. Your comrade is in the hospital you...
  7. Choji Asked you to hang out with him, you....
  8. Kiba wants to help you train, you...
  9. Naruto wants you to help with a mission, you...
  10. Bedtime! You go and sleep...
  11. What is the best way to encounter the enemy?
  12. What would you like to be?
  13. Which quote do you think this belongs too? "i,____ promise to protect you and help you through life and death, I will not let anything stop me from saving my friend. I care about you."
  14. Pick an animal that represents you
  15. What do you think Kitsune-senei died?
  16. Who do you think you will be?
  17. When in battle, how would you fight?

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Quiz topic: Which one of MY Naruto characters am I like?